Stata User Meeting - Workshop (Workshop only) | registration fee

Stata User Meeting - Workshop (Workshop only) | registration fee

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16th German Stata User Meeting (Only Workshop)
Thursday June 21, 2018 at the University Konstanz

Included will be the lunch, coffee and soft drinks in the morning and afternoon break and also pens and books.

Do (Workshops) Universitätstr. 10, Room G310

Bayesian analysis using Stata (Yulia Marchenko, StataCorp)
and Graphics in Stata (Maarten Buis, 
Universität Konstanz)

Below is the description for the Bayesian analysis using Stata workshop:

This workshop covers the use of Stata to perform Bayesian analysis. 
Bayesian analysis is a statistical paradigm that answers research 
questions about unknown parameters using probability statements. For 
example, what is the probability that a person accused of a crime is 
guilty? What is the probability that the odds ratio is between 0.3 and 
0.5? And many more. Such probabilistic statements are natural to 
Bayesian analysis because of the underlying assumption that all 
parameters are random quantities. In Bayesian analysis, a parameter is 
summarized by an entire distribution of values instead of one fixed 
value as in classical frequentist analysis. Estimating this 
distribution, a posterior distribution of a parameter of interest, is at 
the heart of Bayesian analysis. This workshop will demonstrate the use 
of Bayesian analysis in various applications and will introduce Stata's 
suite of commands for conducting Bayesian analysis.

Below is the description of the Graphics in Stata workshop:

This workshop is intended for participants who want to make the most out 
of graphs in Stata. Stata has very powerful graphics language, but with 
power comes an elaborate syntax with a lot of options. This makes it 
easy to get lost and overlook useful possibilities. In this workshop we 
will focus on building your graph step by step, and tips and tricks to 
create informative graphs.

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