A Gentle Introduction to Stata, Sixth Edition by Alan C. Acock - eBook

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What's new in this edition:

  • New section discussing how to account for missing values using full-information maximum-likelihood (FIML) estimation in SEM
  • Introduction to using Stata 15's new power rsquared command for power-and-sample-size calculations for linear regression
  • New section demonstrating how to evaluate convergent and discriminant validity of measures
  • More examples and explanation of effect-size calculations for t tests and ANOVA
  • Additional examples of interpreting model results using margins and marginsplot
  • Screenshots of menus, dialogs, and interface updated for Stata 15


  • Those wanting to learn Stata, from data entry and data management to analysis and graphics
  • Users who are unfamiliar with statistical packages
  • Teachers of introductory statistics courses, especially in the social or behavioral sciences
  • Anyone wanting to become proficient in Stata
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